Wordshop Fachübersetzungen

We’ll put in a good word for you.


The scope of texts of the Media group RTL is very wide – it ranges from media specific publications through financial communication and law to marketing and public relations. The linguistic and terminological requirements on our translators are exceptionally demanding. Good and reliable teamwork with our translating partners is very important for us. Wordshop has our full confidence.

Cordelia Wagner

Press spokesperson / Head of Communication & Press at IP Deutschland, Media Group RTL Deutschland GmbH, Cologne, Germany

The translation of complex legal and patent texts not only requires linguistic skills but also profound legal expertise. Wordshop can offer both.

Corinna Vossius

Attorney-at-law, Patent and Law Firm, Vossius & Partner, Munich, Germany

Truly well translated! Very elegant and refined. Thank you to the entire team.

After translating a Christmas letter

Sabine Meister

CEO, Sabine Meister GmbH, München

You and your team are always our first choice.

Michaela Holzner

Assistant Manager, CMS Hasche mbH Law firm, München

Thank you very much for your e-mail and the more than punctual return of the corrected version. Your comments are convincing.

Till Wipperfürth

Attorney at Law, Mazars Law firm, Berlin

High praise from the attorney in this matter; he liked the translation very much!

After translating a statement of claim

Lena Odell

Head of Translation team, Bardehle Pagenberg Law firm, Munich

Your translation was very convincing.

Daniel Echter

Translation Manager, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, München

Thank you very much for the accustomed good service and punctual delivery.

After translating an annual report

Thorsten Schmitt

Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, BERENTZEN-GRUPPE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, Haselünne

A sincere thank you to all those involved for the prompt and smooth handling of the translation.

Maijan Nemet

Deloitte Frankfurt, following the translation of an Annual Report

Thanks again for dependable service as always.

After translating an operating manual

Christine Fey

Account Director, straight Advertising agency, Munich

We were very happy, as always, and I greatly appreciate your good and unfailingly pleasant service.

After translating an annual report

Sarah Götz

Senior Manager Finance, Aurelius Beteiligungsberatungs AG, Munich

We are very happy with the translation.
Many thanks again for the fast, quality translation.

After translating safety guidelines

Andreas Roth

Information Security Officer, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, München

Thanks again for the very good and professional handling!

After a contract translation

Dr. Friedhelm Lemor

Attorney at Law, Augsburg